Free standing


cold water
sparkling water
hot water
safety lock
Drain container
touch panel
Energy Saving
Leak Detector
UV Sterilization
Filtration System

Built-in Cup dispenser Touch Operation Panel

Big Dispensing Opening LED light

Drain Container Leak Detector


High efficiency UV instant disinfection


Instant-start UV system is installed just before the outlet controls light irradiation; UV sterilization works when usersdispense water. Replaceable high efficiency UV lamp eliminates 99.9% of germs without increasing cold and sparkling water temperature.

Model CW-898A
Size 33(W) x 35(D) x 120(H) cm
Chilling capacity up to 20 liters per hour
Heating capacity up to 12 liters per hour
Voltage 110v / 220v
Power consumption Hot water 500W / Cold Water 100W