Product Description

    Product No : CW-H939



    40 (W) x 33 (D) x105 (H) cm

    Floorstanding Cold/Ambient/Hot POU (Poin-Of-Use) Water Dispenser
    5-stage Reverse Osmosis/filtration system included in water dispenser.
    (PP sediment filter, activated carbon filter, PP sediment filter, 50GPD/75GPD
    Filmtec RO membrane, and post carbon filter)
    Big tank capacity up to 14 liters for CW-929 and 17 liters for CW-939/H939
    3 individual water tanks for cold/ambient/hot water
    Reboil function for hot water.



    Product Introduction


    Cold and Room Temp / Cold, Hot, and Room Temp
    Safety lock lever for hot water tap.
    5-stage RO system (with twist filter, including booster pump)

    Water tank volume: 4 liter (cold), 10 liter (room temp), 3 liter (hot)
    UV light sterilization, making sure each cup of RO water is pure and clean.
    Reboil button enabling hot water to reach 100℃ when necessary.

    Chilling capacity: 20 liter per hour
    Heating capacity: 12 liter per hour

    Water leakage detection 25cm high dispensing gap, easier for taller glass or jug to fit in.
    Top cover is heat-resistant up to 100℃, desirable for coffee maker to be placed on top.

    Floorstanding Cold/Ambient/Hot POU (Poin-Of-Use) Water Dispenser

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